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About Us

Tindrive: Cheap driving from A to B

1 App for all

Whereas you have a car and want to make some extra money or need to drive one, there is only 1 App to download: Tindrive.

On Apple and Android

Tindrive is available for Apple and Android mobile devices.

Everyone's app

If you have a driving license you can use Tindrive's fleet. If in addition you own a street legal vehicle you can make some money on Tindrive.

Über simple fees

Über cheap unique tariff €0.8/km. No min price. No cancellation fees. 8.5% fees per transaction. Cash welcome everywhere. No minimum requests per month.


Learn more about this feature packed App

Car Owner Settings

Define the type and model of car you have.

Inbox Invoices

As a car owner you will receive messages invoices regularly on how much you owe. Tindrive takes 8.5% per transaction.

The more the cheaper

Knowing the number of seats available in the Tindrive car enables users to divide the cost.

Chat Messages

Always in touch with Tindrive vehicles.

Calendar / Planner

Plan your trips with Tindrive.

User settings

Just enter or allow geolocalisation.

Tindrive Recorder

Record, play and share your driving experience.

GPS guiding

With GPS guiding you know where to drive, anywhere.

Icons based screening

Choose the type of vehicles you want to drive: microcar, car, van or utility vehicle.

And much more!

New instant booking/hailing features are coming soon..


Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

“Finally a cash friendly TNC app, keep it that way”

- Krin Fox

“Cheaper than Uber !”

- Theodore Willis

“My 2 doors Golf was refused on Uber, it is now part of Tindrive's fleet :)”

- Ricky Grant


See what’s included in the App

Vehicle Location

User's Menu

Vehicle Categories

1 App 4 All

Payment Methods

Categories search Options

Secured Use


Take a closer look at Tindrive specs here

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Choose your native platform and get started!


For more info and support, contact us!

Tindrive SAS 2 Allee du Niger, 31000 Toulouse, France

+46 7357 11111